To help you with certain questions that you might have regarding SEO and its operations, we have compiled a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.

1. I am totally confused with these SEO concepts and terminologies. What is SEO all about?

You have created a website for your business in order to let others know about your products and services. This would serve its purpose only if it reaches out to the intended visitors. SEO is a process that involves analyzing and recognizing the right set of keywords that match your business and optimizing it, so that your site gets visible in the top pages of search engines, for those particular keywords or phrases. This would bring in a large following of visitors into your site, which tends to increase the site popularity, thereby increasing the sales and correspondingly, the revenue.

To know more about all the terms that are commonly used in the SEO industry, please check out our Glossary section

2. How can SEO help my business prosper?

SEO helps in increasing the chances of your sites visibility among your prospective customers. With proper analyzing and choosing of appropriate keywords or keyword phrases, that your prospective clients would tend to use, your site could be boosted into one of the top most rankings in search engines. This would obviously get a larger set of related visitors to know about your site, thereby increasing your revenue.

3. Do you furnish a search engine marketing report, prior to starting the project?

Yes, before we start with the SEO practices on the project, we provide search engine marketing report, which covers details like your target keywords, your competitor, site popularity, and valuable recommendation to improve site performance, along with the costs and duration involved in completing the project.

4. Do we get an immediate increase in the sales figures and ranking among search engines, through SEO?

When SEO is done in an ethical manner, by respecting the rules and following the search engine guidelines of SEO methodologies, it could take anywhere from three months or even more. It is an organic process that would be initially slow, but once ranking is obtained, it is more stable. This is called the White Hat methods, which includes working on SEO methods as per the accepted standards and norms, of search engines, which results in long lasting and definite top positioning of your sites in search engines.

5. What is Black Hat SEO methods? I have heard we get immediate results when Black Hat methodology is followed. Then why not go ahead with it?

Black Hat methods are techniques that don’t follow search engine guidelines and that are against the SEO standards. These involve stuffing of the same set of keywords in a web page, also known as spamming, hiding of keywords in the background of the web page and much more. These methods used to work out once upon a time! With Google and other search engines becoming more alert, they quickly catch hold of these unethical methods and also go to the extent of penalizing or banning the website

6. My site ranks in the top in one search engine, whereas in another search engine, the ranking is pathetic! Why? Can my sites be ranked in top pages in all the major search engines?

Different search engines follow a different set of algorithms while ranking sites. When all the concepts that assist in optimizing a site are carefully monitored, analyzed and examined upon, then any site can come out with high ranks in any search engines.

7. How important is Keyword researching in SEO?

Performing a research and analysis on the keywords that would suit your type of business, definitely proves important in SEO. Also performing a competitor keyword analysis assists in further researching of keywords. A Search Marketing report can be generated that gives a very good idea of how your optimized keywords are performing among the search engines.

8. How do I know keywords provided by you have search results or my visitors use those keywords?

You can just use those terms in Google search or any other major search engine and you will find those words been optimized in your competitor sites. This is a proof for itself that many visitors are using the keywords.

9. How useful are Meta tags in SEO?

Though there is a lot of debate going on about the importance of Meta tags have in SEO, it is also an unavoidable fact that Meta tags do have their share of optimizing a site as well. Maintaining a perfect balance of relevant Meta Tags, with not overdoing the usage, would definitely produce positive SEO results.

10. I can as well use automated programs for submitting my links to the search engines. Why should I spend so much for the same work to be done manually, by you?

Manual submission of quality links to related directories is the best practice followed to optimize a site. Automated programs only claim to be submitting your links to many search engines, but they might actually end up spamming your site link. It is always better to manually submit the links, as you would have a better idea of where all the links are submitted and can also think of ways to optimize the site better.

11. My site has been submitted to the search engines weeks ago, and until now it is not being listed. Is my site banned? Is there anything I can do to get it listed?

As long as your site has not undergone any unethical SEO practices, then there is no way that your site should be banned. Reasons, why your site is not yet being listed, could range from facts that there are very few or no links at all, from other sites, pointing to your site, or your site is not optimized for related keywords. There could be other reasons as well.

But the most important thing out of all these factors is patience. It takes time for a site to get the benefits of ethically practiced SEO techniques, but once the benefits are obtained, the results are long-lasting and stable.

12. Is it possible to optimize open source sites like Drupal, Joomla and so?

Yes, it is definitely possible to optimize sites that use open source applications like Joomla and Drupal. There are few advanced techniques that are utilized to optimize these kinds of sites, from the SEO point of view.

13. Does SEO optimize product-based sites as well, apart from service-based sites?

Yes, SEO definitely proves beneficiary for product-based sites, apart from service sites. In fact, it is also possible to optimize each and every category and sub-category that is available as deep links, deep inside the site, so that searchers can land at the exact page of the subcategory product also, that they are searching for. This is done by optimizing suitable keywords.

14. My site does not rank among the top pages in the search engines, even though we deal with products of greater demand. Why?

Agreed that you have a wide range of products and services. But are they reaching out to your target clients? Applying potential and appropriate SEO techniques by experienced professionals, who would analyze the competitor’s sites as well in order to optimize and improve your sites rankings, would make your products reach out to your potential customers.

15. For sites that use custom CMS using PHP or ASP.Net, is it possible to increase the site rankings and sales returns as well, using SEO?

Again a yes! We can promote and optimize Custom CMS sites that have used PHP or ASP.NET.

16. I own a Yahoo! Store e-Commerce site. Can you apply SEO techniques to this site as well, to get high rankings for my shopping site?

Yes we do promote Yahoo Store based product site and a separate way of SEO techniques are applied here, to index all product and sub-product pages for unique product based keywords

17. Can you convert dynamic id passing URLs into SEO friendly and keyword-rich URLs?

Yes, it is possible to change the dynamic id passing URLs into SEO friendly URLs that are rich in keywords as well.

18. Does blog promotion help in SEO efforts and increase the site popularity?

Yes, blog promotion is a separate service and it helps in SEO efforts. So having a blog site as part of your main site is definitely worthwhile.

19. I have heard that content play an important part in SEO victory. Is it so, or is the overall designing of the site also an essential factor in SEO success of a website?

Content definitely plays an important factor in getting more traffic to your website. When the web content is written with the to-be-optimized keywords in mind (remember they should not be over-stuffed), then it definitely proves advantageous for SEO.

Apart from the content, the design, template and many such things related to the site also play an important part in site optimization. Depending upon the requirement, content and design should be altered to be search engine friendly, in order to make the site perfect for SEO.

20. Does my site require SEO maintenance and continued Link Popularity Building?

Any site would definitely require a periodic SEO maintenance, in order to be ahead of the competitors SEO activities and on your site development as well. Link popularity building is again very essential and necessary on a regular basis, in order to keep up the top ranking of your website in search engines.

21. Is it possible for me to keep a tab on how my site is faring  in terms of site traffic? (We configure site stats, Google analytics, and third-party software)

Yes, it is possible. Site Stats, Google analytics, and other third party software can be configured on your site, wherein you can log in whenever you need to know about traffic details and statistics. This helps you keep a check on the efficiency of SEO activities performed on your site.

22. I have heard the term Sandbox. What is it and how is it related to SEO?

Sandbox is a filter that is used by Google. It was basically developed to filter newly developed sites from getting into the top positions, in Google search engines. This was basically developed in order to give time for the newly developed sites to first prove their importance, individually, and then come to the top positions. Sandbox helps in sorting out or segregating the better sites from the not so important sites.

23. Do you provide any reports that give me an idea on the traffic and keyword search results?

Yes, we do generate and circulate SEO Progress Reports to our clients that give a clear idea of how the site is performing in terms of optimized keywords and search results. This is sent, either once a month or on a quarterly basis, depending on the package chosen by the client.

24. SEO services seem to be overpriced with almost all service providers. Why?

It takes a lot of work, forethought, caution and care, apart from the requirement of advanced skill, talent, experience and lot of time behind promoting sites ranking in search engines, using SEO. When compared to the online and offline advertising costs that are involved in promoting a site, SEO costs are much less.

25. How can I get advice from expert SEO consultant or SEO professional in getting my site among the top ranks and improve my online business in search engines?

You can Contact Promote First for outsourcing all your SEO requirements. With Promote First, your company benefits from the best of experienced SEO services and work being performed ethically and systematically, with a professional team that aims at promoting your online business to top ranks, obviously leading to a greater ROI.

If you still feel you have queries regarding SEO in general or the service that we provide, please do not hesitate to Contact Us