Custom SEO Services

Custom SEO Services

No two site is the same. Business goals, site content, market and keywords differ, and so the SEO efforts. Here comes our custom SEO services  with unique approach that we offer for each business website. If If you like us conduct a complete site analysis, competitor study, keyword analysis and provide a quote for result oriented SEO, you have come to the right place, and we offer you a custom quote based on your requirements such as website on-page optimization, social media marketing, continuous link building and Google local SEO.

If you could answer the following simple questions, that would help us to provide you a detailed analysis report along with the Quote to do continuous SEO.

1. Could you please let us know your key services and locations covered (Global or Location specific)?

2. Who are all the targeted visitors?

3. Who are all your online competitors? If yes, is it possible to let us know with which keyword(s) search Google they come on top?

4. Please list a set of primary keywords your targeted audience assumed to be using in Google or Yahoo search? (It would be good if the keyword is formed with two or more words, as single word keywords will bring no good results).

Or Write us to and we will get back to you.