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Social Media Management FAQ

We at PromoteFirst come across several thoughtful questions from clients of various nature from clients from time to time. This section should help you to find some quick answers to learn the buzzwords in Social Media Marketing, the process of Social Media Management etc. Before engaging us, if you like to give yourself a dose of knowledge about what all this about – please go through the questions and answers below with these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). This section will be updated periodically with new FAQ and answers.

1. What is social media management?

Social media management helps unlock phenomenal business opportunity for your business online. It is no wonder that 96% of the marketers are utilizing social media management for their digital marketing objective. With social media marketing, you can reach out to 2.34 billion active social media users around the globe. For success on this platform, you need to execute well-timed and strategic social media management social media management is the professional approach of knowing what people are talking about your brand, when and how you answer to their posts, and how you keep your social media engagement for long-term success. It works in conjunction with a broader online marketing plan to help achieve specific business goals.

2. Why should our business need a company like Macronimous for Social media management?

1 – Discover what people are saying social media is a vast ecosystem. Your brand perception can be easily built (or broken) by what is being said about it on the social network. It allows you to hear what others are saying about your brand (both positive and negative things) as well as what they are saying about your competitors. A good social media management strategy is alerted in near real-time about who is saying what about your brand online.

2 – Uncover patterns and preferences

Even if you aren’t following a comprehensive social media management plan, it pays to have your ears open on social media network. It helps uncover a lot of insights about the preference and pain points of your target market. This gives you ways to unlock new opportunities or lets you drive course correction (in case the publicity is not so positive)

3 – Give a human touch

By taking part in conversations with your customers you help put on a human face. With it, you also keep abreast of the updates that are happening to your customers that have a direct or indirect impact on your company.

4 – Reputation Management

In case of negative publicity, you can effectively handle the problem before it reaches far and wide on social media. All it takes for a bad news is a click or tap to share, and it travels fast on this network. Hence with alert social media management, you can step in to do damage control before it snowballs to an unbearable level

5 – Lead Generation

You can also capture new leads by putting up regular posts promoting your products and services. With great images and texts, you can quickly attract eyeballs and trigger the conversion process.

6 – Identify influencers

Influencers are those that are followed by a large number of people/followers/fans. They have built a steady reputation to the extent that their words or opinion matters to an entire industry. With social media management, you can target such niche group effectively and amplify your brand outreach and coverage substantially.

With the help of an experienced social media manager from PromoteFirst, you get to achieve multiple strategies and implementation objectives –

  1. Plan strategy as per your goal (e.g. higher brand awareness, better site traffic volume, or better sales)
  2. Keep branding consistent across all channels, mediums, and handles
  3. Create a monthly/annual posting schedule along with the theme to be covered
  4. Ensure timely posting and distribution of posts
  5. Ensure timely responses to comments on posts
  6. Listen to conversations that concern you, your competitor, or your industry
  7. Track progress by comparing actual outcomes with stated expectations
3. What is social listening?
In simple words, Social Listening is the process of tracking conversations that involve certain words, phrases, or brand name mentions. As opposed to the ‘broadcasting’ or ‘speaking’ function of social media posting, social listening involves actively ‘listening’ to social conversations.
4. Is Social Listening useful?
With the aid of social listening, you can monitor, analyze, and then frame effective engagement strategies for your social media audience. Instead of laboring over each and every post of different social media platforms (which tends to be humanly impossible), you narrow down your search and listening criteria to only what matters to you most – i.e. your brand. In addition, social media helps uncover larger trends and patterns through seemingly unstructured social media data analysis.
5. Isn’t Social media monitoring the same as Social Listening?

If you are confused between social media monitoring and social listening then there is a simple example to show the difference.

1 – If you look at specific posts and then respond to it to resolve it in real time, then this is social media monitoring.

  1. If you look at specific posts and then respond to it to resolve it in real time, then this is social media monitoring.
  2. If you take a larger picture scenario where your customers are facing downtime every Tuesday morning (for example), this is a trend you are uncovering from a ‘larger picture’ view. This is social listening for you.
6. Do you do Social Listening to my business?
Yes, we do.
7. What does the Social Listening tool do?

The tool is a comprehensive social media management and social listening tool which you would need to grow your online business beyond your expectations. It tracks multiple factors that can drive the success of your branding and engagement strategy on the social media. With this tool, you can easily track

  1. Trending topics around your brand, your competitors, and your industry vertical.
  2. Get to uncover insights that help in strategic decision making.
  3. Gauge the sentiment of the target audience
  4. Segment your market into manageable groups to whom you can send targeted marketing messages
  5. Track who is saying what about your brand in terms of keywords, phrases, or mentions.
  6. Influence the influencers for a massive visibility boost.
8. Why do you need a social media manager like PromoteFirst?
Social media management needs your undivided attention. Instead of delegating this important function in-house and spending time and efforts in monitoring the manager’s progress, you have a more viable alternative. You can outsource the social media management function to an expert who can start working towards stated outcomes from day one of the engagement. This is the exact value proposition that PromoteFirst brings to the table.
Is a dedicated social media manager required for my small business?

A dedicated social media manager will enable the below advantages for your business.

1 – Keep pace with the evolving trends

Your market preferences and demands are continuously evolving. What may be a fad today may become obsolete in a matter of hours? A social media manager will study these happenings, keep abreast of the latest trends, and use this advantage to engage better with the customers.

2 – Get a great business representative

Imagine if you sport a blue logo and red text on Twitter, orange text only of Facebook, and green logo and blue text on LinkedIn? The same people who visit these sites will be terribly confused with the picture or perception that the brand is trying to portray. The outcome will be mass disengagement. A social media manager helps streamline the look and feel of the brand online for a uniform appeal.

3 – Avert crisis the smart way

It takes only a few shares here and a few taps there for a small controversy to snowball into a major branding catastrophe that does irreparable damage. In order to avert such crises, it is necessary that you have a dedicated social media manager who keeps an eye out for all types of mentions about your brand, and steps in at the right time to prevent it from spiraling out of control

4 – Track campaigns

Multiple campaigns may be in force to cater to the different social media platforms. As such as dedicated social media manager is needed to ensure that everything is on track. He will be able to pinpoint swiftly, what is working and what is not. This way, poorly performing campaigns can be modified to better success

Go ahead, socialize the strategic way with a dedicated social media manager from PromoteFirst working with you.

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