Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

The Pay Per Click marketing channel is a definitive and powerful ingredient for an ROI based marketing mix. Today’s Internet-fuelled economy is highly dependent on search engine marketing, which critically builds its results on pay per click campaigns. The action drove PPC marketing campaigns to score highly on cost ruled marketing strategies, which indirectly keep a count on clicks by a corresponding deduction in a websites account with search engines. The key to a successful PPC campaign lies in the bidding process of keywords or ad words, which need to be highly prioritized for search engines

The Promote First edge in PPC marketing comes with years of detailed analyses of search engine behavior and critical research on engine algorithms. A hard-to-achieve yet agile balance between search engine optimization and PPC is what secures a working PPC marketing campaign. Promote First‘s deep understanding of leading search engine ranking systems assures higher positions on search listings.

Promote First built advanced PPC campaign strategies have the ability to assure highest positions on multiple search engine listings with relevance to market share and popularity of each search engine. A few key issues that are addressed while building PPC campaigns at Promote First are:

Critical analysis and testing of keyword expansion
Facility for dynamic keyword insertion
CTR [click through ratio] based position results
Value based creative testing of power keywords
Continuous checking on landing page performance
Comprehensive approach to grouping keywords into effective Ad Groups
Effective consideration of search engine quality scores
Real-time analysis of word patterns
Customized recommendations on optimizing for Long Tail and Short Tail
Usage of web analytics for campaign adjustments
Research drove recommendations on Dayparting

The professional PPC strategists at Promote First continuously monitor the landing page to arrive at “bounce rates” and recommends relevant changes. Dedicated measures to stop click-fraud are also developed by our team to increase legitimate visitors and eliminate under-performing fraudsters

Search engine marketing campaigns depend highly on PPC because of its sheer practicality. Various factors are taken into account by our expert team while building PPC campaigns

Accountability to entire market segment
Keyword possibilities
Campaign Inter-portability between Search Engines
Prioritized consideration of user demography
Segmentation modeling for improved relevance
Understanding searcher segments through voluntary profiles
Minimizing the usage of broad match listings
Realistic approach to ad creative
Exacting match of query and landing page

The offshore team at Promote First will enable your search engine marketing campaigns to realize its full potential in terms of return on investment To know more about PPC and what it can do to your marketing strategy, drop in an email or simply call us.