Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing – a standalone advertisement to reach the internet market. It is an easy, effective, and affordable means to stay in touch with the existing recipients by creating professional emails with no technical expert to build strong, successful and lasting relationships with the customers. Email builds up customer loyalty and identifies the company, its brand by delivering timely, relevant and permission-based email marketing. We can also transform email newsletters and promotions into easy-to-view web pages.

Email marketing software builds and maintains the relationship between your customer and the business. The software promotion a customer business that Promote First provides includes all the requirements of an email marketing, which involves personalized email, managing of address book, traffic tracking reports, customized templates, user profile and security, e-mail signature, integration of website including subscription fields and send a file without time and place constraint with an Internet connection.

Email, in general, enhances the goodwill between the client and the organization by maintaining the old and acquiring new customers. This proven method results in high Return on Investment, which is cost-effective and consumes very few seconds. Sometimes damaged emails cause communication gap spoiling the business dealings and here, Promote First will guide and build affinity to boom your business.

Promote First establishes legitimate email marketing and high anti-spam leadership facilities. It also provides strong permission-based policies with some key features that include:

  • In-depth analysis and strategic planning
  • Creating professional email marketing campaigns, copywriting and editing using powerful editors
  • Providing the finest and affordable means for handling the online and offline publication and delivery of newsletters
  • Test Bulletins, automatically archives and add links to direct people to your website.
  • Send highly focused email by partitioning your database
  • Measuring opt-ins and referrals automatically to keep track of the account
  • Nurturing the relationships with the ISP’s and providing spam facilities
  • Distribution of email and send follow-on email campaigns
  • Updating recipient profiles to indicate a specific interest category and email campaigning is entirely paper free
  • Creation of custom template, photo and image selection library to store images, graphical designs and importing list wizard and tools

An email campaign is a powerful and versatile medium that is user-friendly through which a brand can be promoted. Promote First helps your organization to get massive results from your email campaigns. Need more details then contact us.