Google Adwords

Google Adwords

GOOGLE-The king of search engines commands the highest amount of business logic that can determine the success of your online marketing strategy. The Return on Investment driven marketing agendas cannot but avoid the immense benefits of Adwords which charge an advertiser only when a click is recorded. The win-win structure of Adwords has made it popular among searchers as well as advertisers for its ease of use and cost effectiveness.

Promote First, a pioneer in developing search engine dependent advertising strategies has an edge in handling Google Adwords that comes with years of research in search engine semantics and algorithms. Increasing the inflow of targeted visitors is accomplished through a combined multilateral approach to search engine-generated traffic.

Google Adwords combined with Promote First expertise in Adwords management can take sales to a new high. Structured Adwords campaigns from our offshore team would typically include the following

  • In-depth analysis of keyword probabilities
  • Assessment and recommendations on inactive-keywords
  • Strategic keyword placement
  • Comprehensive vertical analysis for defining keyword scope
  • Enhancement of ad text buildout
  • Advanced ad text tracking mechanisms
  • Fine-tuning for clicks by qualified visitors
  • Filtering of unqualified or irrelevant searches
  • Recommendations on effective landing pages
  • Researched suggestions on ad creatives
  • Logic based subtopic keyword selection
  • Full consideration of involved demographics
  • Constant monitoring of quality score of individual keywords through CTR ratio
  • Improving keyword CTR ratio through continuous split-testing
  • Tracking keyword performance
  • Increasing bail-factor possibilities
  • Advanced logic based phrase matching techniques
  • Negative match minimalization
  • Creation of well-defined ad groups

The results of an Adword campaign from Promote First are almost immediate with guaranteed clicks in a matter of hours. Increasing the number of visitors to a website without spending a fortune is what GOOGLE Adwords is all about .The entire cost involved can be equaled to the number of clicks a website receives. The increased click through ratio greatly diminishes the cost per visitor and also increases the Adwords ranking which works for the campaigns benefit during the bidding process.

Successful Adwords campaigns critically depend on keyword research. Product positioning based on keyword research is a safe and sure bet. All of the Adword campaigns built by the expert offshore team at Promote First are results of extensive and in-depth keyword researches that are conducted from multiple perspectives combined with result measurement tools such as Google analytics. Promote First is your trusted partner in creating your Google account to combining tools creating and managing your ad word campaigns. To know more about Adword campaigns and how it can boost your sales at a cost that beats all other marketing means, send us an email. Or simply contact us.