SEO Re-design

SEO Re-design

Web sites become assets for business concerns by driving quality traffic through search engine friendly design and clean code optimization. It is an essential medium for an organization to maintain its standards among  competitors in the Internet market. Many organizations get a website designed attractively with the latest technologies but don’t consider whether it is search engine friendly, rather making it low rank in the search engines and directories and reduces the number of visitors to the site.

Do we remember that it is a long time that we have designed our website? Most of the business concerns think that designing a site once will flourish their business  for a lifetime. People must know that designing is not a one time show to end, but it is a continuous process of re-designing search engine friendly according to the time and technologies to grow the business and the organization in tandem.

When to re-design a website?

  • If your website was not redesigned for more than three years then it is the right time to update it such that it is search engine friendly.
  • If your site doesn’t look attractive and doesn’t hold more content compared to the competitor.
  • If your website doesn’t have good ranking then definitely it should be redesigned and optimized for business keywords.

Why re-design a website?

  • To build a corporate image in the market about the product and services rendered by the company.
  • To create an impact in the minds of the people and make them  re-visit the site.
  • Make it search engine friendly for high ranking and user-friendly for navigating through the links on the site.
  • High quality and concise information drives traffic to the website.

Aspects to consider while redesigning a Website

  • Have a detailed analysis at every stage of the present site.
  • Check the web traffic of the site and also the competitors.
  • Redesign precisely such that it meets all the goals and needs of the organization.
  • Be aware of the target audience and their mindset of what they search, the keywords used, page often visited, etc.,
  • Concise and apt Keywords, Title tags, Meta tags, Meta descriptions and Anchor tags are used in order to drive traffic and high page ranks.
  • Make your site search engine friendly; provide all the latest information about products and services offered by the company.
  • Getting feedback from the visitors will help at the time of redesigning a site.
  • Make a note of the pages that are periodically visited and also the pages, which are not visited even a single time.
  • The last part is choosing the right company to design your site i.e., a company that is considered search engine friendly and other SEO related aspects which will help in high ranking of the website.

Code Optimization
Promote First offers solutions in optimizing your site to the best in ASP, PHP, and .Net and in all other languages according to the requirement of the client to the fullest. We assist you and offer quality products enabling you to develop business-critic applications on all platforms.

The services offered by us in optimizing involves:

  • Design and architecture consulting
  • Client and server side search engine friendly coding practices
  • Validating of CSS and XHTML
  • Optimizing web application scripts
  • Assurance of High ranking, spam-free quality websites
  • Anchor tags for images, flash, and other applications, proper usage title tags, meta tags, and descriptions
  • Organize the broken links between the web pages
  • Associate compressible file types with arbitrary extensions

The offshore team at Promote First will enable your site to be search engine friendly and maintain your position in the market. To know more about Promote First and its strategies and to make your site search engine friendly, drop in an email or simply call us.